Your Desktops Becomes Carnegie Hall. Meet The Big Kahuna of Desktop Audio Entertainment!
This is the serious electrostatic hybrid speaker system that you have been waiting for. Turn your desktop into a Carnegie Hall sound stage. Volute is best in its class-solid anodized aluminum construction, Electrostatz® tweeters, neo woofers, and a sound that can’t be beat. And Volute loves to strut its stuff.


1.Precision Machining
The solid aluminum construction, the thin Electrostatz® tweeters, and the neo woofers create a package that not only sounds brilliant, but is true eye candy for every sophisticated user who needs something special to not only complement their tech gadgets, but look great doing it. Awarded the Computex D&I award 2012 and CES innovations award 2012.

2.All You Want, All Your Desktop Wants
Finally there is a high-end desktop speaker system that can keep up with the sophistication and quality of all the beautiful desktop products out there. And with ever-advancing computer technology, we know how important a good AV setup has become. We give you the solution to complicated setups, tangled cords, and tinny sound. Your computer is calling. It wants to meet the Volute.

3.Amaze Your Aural Senses
ESL speakers, as every audio aficionado knows, deliver the sweetest, most natural hi-fidelity acoustic experience available. Now IN2UIT proudly presents the world’s first compact electrostatic speaker that out performs any desktop solution on the market. Volute is a hybrid solution with a powerful base woofer housed in the speaker’s aluminum enclosure, so it packs a huge punch. Say goodbye to shallow, flat sound. Goodbye to bulky, ugly speakers. Say hello to Volute.

4.Easy Setup
Experiencing the ultimate sound is easy with Volute. Simply connect the AV cables, turn on your PC, and listen to your ears’ content. Volute’s AV cables deliver the pure high-fidelity sound immediately. Just like that.