The Paper-Thin ElectroStatic Speaker That Is Simply Stunning.Intuitive.
Finally. A speaker that thinks out ¬of the box - and isn’t a box. Listening to music has never been so easy or relaxing. If you’re looking for crystal clear vocals, pure aesthetic acoustics, and crisp instrumentals, then look no further than the distinct and pristine sounds of Filo. This is a sophisticated ElectroStatic Speaker of absolute high-fidelity. Filo is the most ideal, versatile, portable companion for your home. It’s as light as a feather and thin as paper, it sings like a bird, it hangs like a piece of art or sits with you next to the BBQ. Inside or outside, Filo can go anywhere. And it comes in beautiful fabric in colors suitable for any taste. We made it minimal, easy to operate, and easy to listen to. The whole device runs on Bluetooth and has only one button. So stop tripping over cords. Say goodbye to complicated displays and blinking lights. Just turn it on and let your phone, music player, or tablet do the rest. Filo is the ultimate ‘Easy Listener’s’ angel.

1.Easy Listening
Filo is the most chic audio device on the market today. It allows for effortless mobility and is practically weightless and slim as a reed. Our Electrostatz® technology combined with CSR’s apt-X Bluetooth codec provides crystal clear audio and vocals. Wirelessly stream from your device effortlessly from room to room, outdoor to indoor, table to table, and wall to wall. You’re not limited. Why should your sound be?

2.Art Décor
Everything about Filo is pure and minimal. We removed the unnecessary and kept only the essentials. Filo is pure music, design, and art décor made into a reality in your own home. It blends into any interior and was awarded the prestigious 2012 IDEA Industrial Design Award and the 2013 CES Innovations Award.

3.Audio Art
Filo’s chic design can be both wall and desk mounted with a fresh color combo to match any home décor or personality. Each package includes a wall bracket with a quick snap on/off function and a built-in tabletop stand, so you get a variety of placement options. Due to the dipole effects of the Electrostatz® tweeters, wall placement adds that extra punch of bass and creates an even more natural sound as the waves bounce and reverberate off the wall.

4.Filo Keeps Up With You
You don’t quit – and your music doesn’t have to either. With Filo, you can listen to your favorite playlists all night. Filo’s single Li-Polymer rechargeable battery is good for up for 10 hours of play. Recharge for three hours while you sleep and you’ll get a whole day’s use the next day.

5.Visualize the Sound
With Electrostatz® technology you can almost see the sound and details. This is the world’s first compact ElectroStatic Speaker. A whole lot of technology has gone into this minimal creation of art and design-it’s okay to stare.

Stick to the Essentials – Light. Carefree. Chic. Simple.
It’s easy listening at its best. It’s Filo.