We Call This Audio Art Engineering
Meet the ‘Art Décor’ of audio equipment; there really is nothing like Collage. We give you a speaker that is refined, yet refuses to be ignored. Put it in your home and it becomes the center of your décor. It is part art, part interior design, part furniture, and part acoustics, all wrapped up in one tidy, beautidul package. Collage is a contrast of extremes, it seems subtle, yet the dynamic acoustics will overpower your senses. Collage is for the connoisseur of finer things, the lover of the sublime. It is truly a fine piece of ‘Audio Art Engineering’.


1.Art Décor
This isn’t just a speaker. This is a piece of modern art. Collage lives up to its name in every way-it’s not only a tantalizing blend of materials, shapes and finishes, but it’s so much more. It is a truly powerful wireless digital audio streaming device that can be the sound stage and even the solo performer in even large rooms with its powerful bass and stunning mid and upper registers. Collage is proof that speakers can and should be beautiful – inside and out.

2.Audio Art Engineering
Collage has some serious acoustic and electronic engineering packed inside. Not only does Collage boast the patented dual Electrostatz® tweeter arrangement, proprietary IC chipset for optimal electrostatic performance, DSP surround sound chipset, and CSR Bluetooth apt-X codec, but it also packs a powerful digital amplifier, two neodymium woofers and a passive radiator for even more bass response.

3.Wall and Table Mounted
Collage is extremely versatile and can fit every personalized taste and configuration. Its base stand lets it sit on the table top or go with you around the house. And Collage really gets to show off when you remove the detachable base and mount it on the wall. Not only will it become the center piece of your room, but the acoustic qualities will really shine because of the way the dipole Electrostatz® tweeters reverberate sound waves off the wall. Bass will be more responsive, mid and high-range sounds will be sweeter and more natural and the whole acoustic experience will be anplified.

4.Modern Industrial Design
At IN2UIT, we design our speakers meticulously from the inside outand Collage is no exception. It combines pure aesthetics with the simplicity and ease of wireless streaming from your device, from anywhere you feel comfortable. The industrial design emphasizes on intuitive user experiences and absolutely simple aesthetics. Collage provides you with a simpler, pleasurable, intuitive listening experience. Collage was awarded honors in the prestigious IDEA Innovation and Design award 2012 and the CES Innovations and Engineering Excellence Awards in 2012.

5.Color/Material/Finish (CMF)
Collage’s chic design is currently available in two color combos to match any décor in the home. Calm your senses with the subtle European favorite of white and beige – a sophisticated color combination that blends quietly with a neo-modern interior for an authentic Scandinavian flavor. Or are you looking for something to really stand out? Collage also comes in stark contrast of black and red that’s sure to be the highlight of any room. IN2UIT is planning on a whole new set of CMF combinations for future models.

6.Spoil Your Aural Senses
The aural senses are often the least exercised and most underdeveloped of the human senses. Electrostatic speakers, as audio lovers know, deliver the sweetest, most natural hi-fidelity experience audio technology has to offer. IN2UIT proudly presents the world’s first electrostatic speaker that is compact and affordable. So sit back, relax, and treat your ears to the sounds of Collage.

7.No Bells and Whistles
Our audio products don’t need or want every whizzing, blinking feature you could fit in a device, we just want to play sweet music, simple and clear. We know that the world is busy, hectic, and complicated. Collage is not. We keep it to the essentials so that the only thing between you and Collage, is the amazing music.