Your iPad Just Got Bold with the All in One Case That Really Rocks!
At IN2UIT, we know what a godsend the iPad can be for just about anything- business or pleasure-but we also know it has its quirks. Unfortunately the small speaker doesn’t do that beautiful Retina display any justice and can produce a shallow, tinny sound. BoomPack really turns it up and enhances your experience until you’ll forget you’re using a tablet at all. The flip out Electrostatz® speakers provide amazing stereo and the bottom woofer packs a solid punch. And for business meetings, fold out the tweeters to show off their dipole acoustic effects that means everyone, in front and behind, can listen to your ultra-clear multimedia presentations. Add in an optional Bluetooth Keyboard to turn your iPad into a mobile workstation. At work or at home, BoomPack raises the bar.

1.iPad Entertainment Extravaganza
Your iPad just got 100 times more fun. Finally, awesome sound to match that amazing Retina display. Watch movies, play games, and more with powerful, resonant stereo effects.

2.Always Use Protection
We know how important it is to keep your iPad in top condition. BoomPack is the world’s first genuine audio case that actually has incredible sound and top class protection in a single integrated product. The BoomPack case has a magnetic protective bicast leather cover that protects the glass screen and acts as a sturdy base for ergonomic usage. The case is also made of tough ABS plastic for durable protection.

3.Crank Up The Volume!
BoomPack triples sound quality and quadruples volume - the most unexpected punch from something so compact!

4.Speakers That Don’t Quit
Watch videos and movies till your eyes and ears droop. BoomPack’s single Li-Polymer rechargeable battery is good for up for 10 hours. So don’t worry about that all-nighter. We’ve got you covered.

5.Spatial Stereo
Pull out the fold-out Electrostatz® tweeters from the back of the case for personalized stereo hi-fi acoustics. It’s dipole so sound goes both ways.

6.Optional Bluetooth Keyboard and Sleeve
Users who need practical solutions can purchase the BoomPack with a Bluetooth keyboard and carry sleeve. Turn your iPad into a versatile workstation. Everything fits nicely in one easy to carry or stow away pack.